Non-Fungible Trees Jam – Post Mortem

Virtual River - Result of NFT Jam

Two weeks are super short. The jam was set to this timespan and that’s nearly the time that already has passed after the event. (ups) But here’s the update you all have been waiting for! 😀

What was this jam all about?

I wrote about it here & here‘s the link to the actual jam.

How did it go?

It was quite tiny, but nonetheless we have some results:

Beyond! – A project by arirav on itch. It’s creative, I love it!

Let’s take .. .. a walk – A project by thebrokenbird (me). It was fun to do something so very different. I wish I had a good way to capture ingame GIFs in Unity though. Had to scale those GIFs down a lot with external tools to upload them on the page – this was no fun. :c

What did I learn?

  1. It’s easy to set up a game jam. Going to do that more often in the future!
  2. It’s hard to get attention. Marketing is a must.
  3. Jams are more fun if collaboration is enforced & a community is built around it.

Have you ever participated in a (game) jam? In what kind of jam would you be excited to participate?

Love, Ivette. ✨

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