Ivette Schmidt

Contact: ivette_schmidt@outlook.com

I’m a curious & optimistic person who loves to creatively express themselves. I enjoy games, books, art galeries, concerts, walks in nature, bird watching, museums and good food.

Born in Kazakhstan and raised by a half-Russian half-German family in Germany, I consider myself a multicultural human. I have huge empathy for migrants & refugees as a result of my family history.

I studied Computational Linguistics & Oriental Studies in Erlangen, Germany & obtained my academic degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA). Furthering the empathy and setting off my search for digital solutions to teach empathy by finding ways to understand and share language and culture.

I received the academic degree of Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Game Science with a specialization in Computer Science (Games) in Bayreuth, Germany. This improved my understanding of games and digital media in general and thought me how create different forms of interactive art, including games.

After working fulltime as Technical Artist @ TheraBytes in Munich, Germany – creating visual effects and diving deep in shader magic ✨, I transitioned into Production. Currently I’m supervising a console port, a game in production, a game in concept and excited for an innovative collaborative project to start in Q3.

Video games are great at allowing players to learn at their own pace. It makes it possible to teach a big audience important messages without the dull experience of sitting in a boring classroom. Instead they spark emotions that let us learn those messages on a personal level.

But as important and benefitial games itself are, I’m convinced that game development itself should also spark joy. I refuse to participate in crunch culture and will always fight for the best working conditions for my teams that are reasonably possible while still reaching project goals in time, money and quality.

It’s a challenge, but I’m all in for that. Let us all laugh, create & enjoy some art! ✌ ♡


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