Announcement: Game Jam & Newsletter!

You might remember my laments about NFTs in a prior blogpost. But whining won’t help anyone, that’s why I decided to act – by hosting a game jam. Harry (@LOLGuy213) had the brilliant idea beneath a post of Chard (@animtree) who introduced the public to farfewgiant’s ANTI-NFT GIF sale. & I just had to make it reality.

This jam should provide a place for the creation of art and propel the discussion about the importance of environmental issues.

I’d be super excited if you would be part of this! Click HERE to join.

Every artistic expression is welcomed. ✨

I’m hoping to host it more than once, but I hope for a bigger platform next time. Collaborating with someone more popular than me might be a possibility, or growing popular myself (haha). Popularity and reach feels very important in this case – the more people take part, the more good can be done.

& for everyone that can’t take part: I’ll update you on the results once the jam is over! (I can’t wait to create this blogpost*-*) & btw update: You can now sign up to my newsletter! Currently I plan to go for a letter once a month, giving you a basic summary on what happend on this website/blog and what other things plagued my mind that month on the last day of each month. 

Give it a try & tell me what you think! 🙂

(Don’t forget to whitelist it, otherwise it might just end up in your spam!)

Thanks for reading & happy jamming! 🙂

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