It’s time to celebrate art!

You probably already heard the discourse about NFTs and their world destroying potential through their use of electricity devouring cryptocurrency.

I love the NFT concept of drops. I love the anticipation. I love the event.

It’s time to celebrate art!

What I hate about NFTs though is how fucking much energy they waste. Is it ethically correct to make money that causes such a big pollution? But why waste the opportunity while it’s still there? Money vs future. Future and therefore life should win, but will my small action of resistance be able to save the future, or am I just missing out on money? I will resist. I know I’m passing on at least some hundred dollars, but I couldn’t sleep well at night knowing one payment on Ethereum 1.0 ends up using more electricity than the typical U.S. household does in a whole day. & cryptoart in general, wtf. Once ETH2.0 is online, I might dabble in cryptoart but till this day, I’ll go the old way. Obviously the usual way of printing art also needs energy, but at least it’s much less wasteful & you physically get something for it.

I still need to learn the kind of celebration some NFT sites offer their art, but here’s a little first step:

I opened a sticker shop! May it provide you with cute frogs. 🙂

What’s your favorite animal? I’d be happy to provide them to you. :з 

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