French People And The Mafia

Screenshot of French People And The Mafia.
A hexagon-based tactics game.

French People and the Mafia is a playable prototype developed by Carl-Philipp Hellmuth, Paul Redetzky, Tobias Heiles and me as Hasty Gerbil Games. It was exhibited at Quo Vadis 2018, Games/Bavaria Vernissage and Update Games in the same year.

I was responsible for the visual development and art creation.

The job posed many challenges for me as it was my first video game project. The biggest one was to figure out how to effectively communicate artistic ideas.

Relevant skills:

💡 creation of concept art and illustrations for game development purposes

💡 3D modeling and hand texturing

💡 VFX creation

💡 iterative prototyping with user testing

💡 game showcasing

Paul showcasing our prototype during Quo Vadis 2018. (Source)

Software used: Photoshop, Blender, Unity, Sourcetree (GIT)

DOWNLOAD (Windows)